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Black Forest Tradition meets up with the world of today 

The traditions of the Black Forest are now visible in the modern forms of today. In our newly built SteigenHaus the shapes and natural materials traditionally used in building houses in the Black Forest have been interpreted in a modern way. The most interesting feature of the whole building is perhaps the impressive glass roof, which is made out of 360 glass elements.

Inside the building:  we have focused on quality, traditional forms and local crafts. The use of high-quality materials and good quality manufacture, and, most important of all, the fact that the  goods here on sale  are „Made in Germany“ build the foundations of our offer, which varies from “Coeur de Lion” jewellery, wristwatches such as Junkers and Abeler & Söhne,  home decorations, hand-made knives, “Steiff” teddy bears and original cuckoo clocks and long-case clocks, all presented in a modern building built of wood and glass.

Buffet-Restaurant MarktScheune: Need a break?

If you need a break then the Buffet-Restaurant MarktScheune is ideal for you, a successful mixture of a modern self-service restaurant and a rustic Black Forest restaurant. Here you will find traditional Black Forest dishes as well as international specialties. In the spacious buffet area fresh food is prepared in front of the guests. We offer typical fresh and regional food such as Käsespätzle (traditional Swabian noodles with cheese), sausages...In one of the 3 “Stuben” (parlours) our guests can enjoy their meal in an authentic Black Forest atmosphere, decorated predominately with wood, as well as a tiled stove and cuckoo clocks, making this parlour comfortable and cosy.  A sunny terrace is the ideal backdrop to enjoy a delicious piece of the famous Black Forest Cherry Cake.

The Buffet-Restaurant MarktScheune is an ideal venue for a special celebration, for example, a birthday party. We’ll be happy to help you with your organization and can make you a personal offer with a choice of menus and attractions.

HirschSprung Event-Raum: Thinkers and epicures


Take a look at the HirschSprung – our event room – this can be rented for seminaries, events OR a cooking event can be organized in which everyone cooks and then eats together. In our highly modern school kitchen you can discover the secrets of Black Forest cooking and taste it later on…




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