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At home in the Black Forest: The glassblowing workshop at the Hofgut Sternen

Glassmakers and glassblowers in the Black Forest testify to old tradition in the Höllental

It's a hot history, that of the glassblowers in the Black Forest! Stories of glass at temperatures of at least 1000° to 1200°C are written here. The history of the glassblowing workshop began in the Höllental in the 18th century - and today leads directly into our Hofgut Sternen. For our brand STERNEN GLAS two different fields of trade in this artisan craftwork are practised here in our GlasManufaktur Hofgut Sternen: that of the glassmaker and that of the glassblower in the Black Forest.

This skilled craft adorns our lives

The finest are the art pieces which both glass artists skilfully give rise to in the GlasManufaktur Hofgut Sternen. Bowls, vases and pieces of jewellery, pendants, precious Goethe barometers or extremely delicate glass figures created from the glassartists for our brand STERNEN GLAS behold the light of the world here.

Moreover, we offer you a large selection of glass articles and glass jewellery from nationally and internationally renowned manufacturers and prestigious producers. We are particularly proud to be able to represent such brands as Glass Remis, Mats Jonasson, Arnstadt Kristall and the glass jewellery of the German brand Coeur de Lion.

The process of glass melting in the fusing furnace is also quite fascinating. Glass plates disappear in the modern fusing furnace of the glassblowing workshop in the Black Forest only to nestle up around temperature-resistant materials like the highly diverse metals used. Impressive glass objects emerge during the process and are refined still further. High-quality pieces of glassware and jewellery are produced under the brand STERNEN GLAS in the GlasManufaktur Hofgut Sternen. The fusion process with its modern technology facilitates completely new design possibilities. Glass art is at its finest - STERNEN GLAS in the Glasmanufaktur Hofgut Sternen.

Hours of operation and service

Visit the GlasManufaktur Hofgut Sternen and glance over the shoulders of both types of glass artists as they engage in their very specialised work. If production allows, they will be happy to answer your questions as well.


Daily from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 



09.01.23 – 28.02.23: every Sunday 10:00 – 16:00


Winter break:
Please note that from the end of december until mid-March the glass furnace is out of operation for maintenance.
Michael Greiner-Adam is present, but has no fixed working hours during this time. 

For more information:

History of glass production

For several centuries, since the High Middle Ages, glassblowing has provided one of the most prominent fields of craftsmanship in the Black Forest. The industry developed in the forested areas of the uplands, far away from built-up areas. Potash was produced from the wood of the hornbeams while there was an abundance of fine silica sand in the many forest streams. Firs and spruces keep the smelting fires alive and the glassblowing workshop made it possible to bring all these essential elements together.

In the 19th century, the Black Forest glass factories were in crisis. The dwindling wooded areas resulted in a significant decline in traditional craftsmanship. The majority of the glassblowing workshops in the Black Forest died - and that for a lack of firewood. But the emerging railway also took it one step further. Many of the glass factories were much too far away from these traffic arteries. The demise of this craftsmanship led many families into poverty and hardship. But the forest has since had the necessary time to allow it to recover.




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