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Genuine cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest

In the KuckucksNest Hofgut Sternen, make a journey into the history of cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest

Already by 1765, the skilful clock merchant Simon Langanbaker was advertising wooden clocks "with a wonderfully singing cuckoo" in a newspaper advert in the British city of Norwich. The cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest have also given the name for our KuckucksNest Hofgut Sternen. Here you will find some of the most beautiful hand-carved cuckoo clocks for sale in the Black Forest - and here you can also take an in-depth look into the making of cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest. Of course, in the KuckucksNest, we also offer you many other souvenirs from the Black Forest.

Our ticking is on a pretty large scale here in the southern Black Forest ...

The largest clock in the entire Black Forest Highlands is situated at the entrance to our Hofgut Sternen. But what would our world be like without Black Forest cuckoo clocks?

The cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest have become a global brand, and rarely is an object so strongly associated with a region. For the clocks from our KuckucksNest, our membership in the "Black Forest Clock" Association guarantees that 90 per cent of all parts used in our cuckoo clocks originate in the Black Forest.

The classics among the cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest are certainly those that feature a railway guard's lodge with a pitched roof. Sometimes there are more wooden ornaments, sometimes they are less intricately carved - to each his own taste. The cuckoo provides a distinctive time signal, on the hour, every hour. The famous cuckoo call comes from an age-old mechanical device which resembles a pair of miniature organ pipes. Marvel at the selection of cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest here in our KuckucksNest and the many other characteristic products. And what's best: you can buy them all as souvenirs and take them home.


If your journey into the Black Forest is very far, but you'd also like to purchase quality products from other regions, you will also discover quite a find in our KuckucksNest. Among others, we stock Swatch watches, Fossil watches and jewellery, as well as Victorinox from Switzerland, Swarovski crystals from Austria and many more.




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