One of the most beautiful places in the Black Forest:

Your Hofgut Sternen in the Höllental bids you welcome

Why do so many people love a holiday in the Black Forest? The Black Forest is bursting with stories: of the poor peasants who worked meticulously all winter long on cogs, spindles, levers and bells, and so became the most renowned clock makers; of the woodmen who shipped the heavy logs by boat as far away as Rotterdam; of the charcoal burners, peasants and sensitive poets, painters, artists, and, of course, of the Black Forest girls. They are the reason why a holiday in the Black Forest is so popular. These stories constitute the traditions of the Black Forest. They will revitalise you and cast a spell on people from all over the world. "Tradition that you can experience" - that's also what you can expect as a guest at our Hofgut Sternen. We are not just any hotel in the Black Forest. The Hofgut Sternen is full of traditions herself, and of course full of stories as well ...

Where Goethe once took up lodgings

Even the German prince of poets, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, moved into the Höllental twice. And of course he stayed at the "Wirtshaus unter der Steig," as the Hofgut Sternen was once called. In the GoetheHaus, named after him, enjoy the charm of times long past in the premium Goethe rooms. Needless to say, in terms of comfort, a host of things have changed since privy councillor Goethe stayed the night here long ago ...

Experience a mix of modernity and tradition and style and flavour as a guest of the GlasManufaktur Studios at Hofgut Sternen. The glassartists create their artisan craftwork under the brand STERNEN GLAS (decoration & jewellery) in the studio open to the public just beneath - you become a witness to genuine handwork.

What you can expect under the traditional hipped roofs

Characteristic Black Forest: Stay the night in our 4 stars hotel under the traditional hipped roofs in characteristic Black Forest rooms, enjoy fresh Hofgut cuisine and get to know the meaning of Black Forest hospitality.

Experience tradition up close in the GlasManufaktur and in the KuckucksNest. See what can be conjured up with artistic talent and the skill of craftsmanship from glass materials, or marvel at original Black Forest cuckoo clocks. In the SteigenHaus we sell only products "Made in Germany".
In our own power plant EnergieWerk we produce all the energy needed at the Hofgut Sternen with local and renewable energy sources.
In the Buffet-Restaurant MarktScheune or in the hotel restaurant SchwarzwaldStube, a piece of Black Forest gateau also awaits you, and there's much more to come.




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Upgrade for free - If you book a comfort plus ... (from € 159.-- / Guest)

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