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Christmas market in the Ravenna Gorge 

The event of the year

Every winter in the pre-Christmas period, one of the most popular events in the region takes place. When a magnificent stone viaduct rises above a snow-covered village of huts illuminated by thousands of lights, and when a train rushes over the gorge up there through red, blue and green mist of lights, then this is not a scene from a Harry Potter movie, but a heavenly, magical reality.

Every year, the Christmas market in the Ravenna Gorge puts visitors in a particularly festive mood. Whoever strolls between the Christmas decorated wooden stalls gets to feel the special flair up close: There are selected handicrafts, handmade unique items from the region and temptingly rises the scent of Black Forest specialties from sweet to hearty in the nose - all offered by hearty people who practice their craft with passion.

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