Immerse yourself, recharge your batteries, feel good. This is what the Palais Vital spa and sauna area in the Titisee bathing paradise has to offer. 12 lovingly themed saunas and the Vital Lagoon invite you to relax.

Please note that the entrance to the Palais Vital is only allowed from 16 years and the Palais Vital is a textile-free zone.

* overnight stays including regional country breakfast
* 1 Dinner on the day of arrival as a four-course menu in the SchwarzwaldStube (on request, fondue is also possible in the FondueStube on Fridays and Saturdays)
* Day entrance tickets for the palais vital on the second day 
* Bathing towel at check in to take along to the Palais Vital
* One glass of sparkling wine per person at dinner on the day of arrival
2 nights
  • 08/01/2022-12/21/2023
from € 219.-- price per person


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Welcome to the Hofgut Sternen, dear guests

The hospitality for which Hofgut Sternen has been known for centuries is more real today than ever before. Because the star as our emblem has always pointed the way to a house where light burns, where it is warm and where travelers from all four directions are welcome.

How best to describe this unique feeling at the Ravenna viaduct that we feel here every day? It is not only the Four star hotel at the foot of the wild and romantic Ravennaschlucht (Ravenna Gorge), where history and tradition merge with the images of the modern Black Forest. It is also the GlasManufaktur with the two glass artists at the open glass melting furnace and the modern hotel rooms on the first floor, it is the KuckucksNest, where you can learn how the cuckoo gets into the clock, the SteigenHaus with its design objects from German manufacturers and the EnergieWerk, which supplies the whole Hofgut Sternen site with sustainable energy.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your Hofgut Sternen Team

Tradition in artisan craftwork - Particular uniqueness

It's not only the 4 star rated Hofgut hotel at the foot of the wild and romantic Ravenna Gorge where history and tradition blend with the images of the modern Black Forest. It's the GlasManufaktur with the two glass artists creating glass objects in a traditional way and the modern hotel rooms on the first floor, it's the KuckucksNest where you will learn how the cuckoo ultimately arrives in the clock, the SteigenHaus with its manfactured objects made in Germany and the EnergieWerk, our own power station.

The emblem of the Hofgut Sternen is a star. And not just these days! For hundreds of years, it has shown people the way to a house where light is burning, where it's warm and where travellers from all four points of the compass are welcome.

Hofgut Sternen - a sustainable destination     

Hofgut Sternen - The Black Forest Village is classified from TourCert as a responsible tourist destination and as a sustainable destination. In 2016, we opened the EnergieWerk Hofgut Sternen on the premises where we produce our own energy and electricity with local and renewable sources. We work and live in a sustainable manner to protect the Black Forest Highlands.
Please click at our Hofgut Sternen symbol for sustainability to get more information  




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